Commercial 2021

Product Launch & Growth Support

Maintaining the marketing momentum after the product launch is important to success and sustained sales growth. With newsworthy thought leadership topics and data studies, companies can build on the initial buzz created during the launch stage and garner a continuous stream of media coverage in top-tier business outlets and trade publications.

Brand Development

ITQAN creates a particular image in the minds of current and potential clients. We help our partners to have a clear definition of the brand’s audience and the objectives that the brand needs to achieve.

Healthcare Communication & Public Awareness

We help our partners build demand for their line of products through our agile sales and marketing models, deep understanding of regulatory rules and local medical trade channel expertise.


Quality and Safety

The healthcare and distribution industry has led to increasing demands on regulatory agencies. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of medicines marketed, inspections for all products are part of the overall quality assurance systems. This is essential to evaluate capability, control procedures, the suitability of equipment & facilities and effective management system in assuring the overall state of Good Warehousing and Distribution Practices. Inspections include evaluation of authenticity and the monitoring of medicine quality to legitimate distribution channels- manufacturer to end customer.


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    Product Launch & Growth Support
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    Brand Development
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    Information and Product Awareness
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    Medical Information Technology Solutions
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    After Sales Services


We transport and manage products across the markets at the product’s required distribution practices.

Pick & Pack

Our services and capabilities can be tailored to meet your needs, reducing labor costs, optimizing workflows and supporting administrative requirements.


Our comprehensive infrastructure allows us to work with shorter order turnaround times to meet all of your delivery needs.